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Have you ever heard about All My Movies program? It is a kind of magic, but it can create a movie catalog with almost no typing at all. You can enter the movie title and AMM will download the rest movie details like cast&crew and cover image. Finally, you'll get a nice electronic catalog of your collection with almost no efforts. Don't want to type the title? No, you are not lazy, you just want to have that barcode scanner! Yep, you can just scan the barcode on your DVD or Blu-ray back cover and get movie listed in your great looking movie catalog.

Why do you need a movie catalog?

You need it! Trust me! With the electronic movie catalog, you can easily find any movie in your collection. If you are that guy that prefers discs on shelves, you will know immediately which shelf exactly you have to check for the particular movie. You can also have your movie catalog split by genre, sorted by rating and more, more, more.

Movie Catalog - Main window screenshot Movie Catalog - Thumbnails view Movie Catalog - virtual shelf view

What about statistics? You'll have an access to exact statistics data for your movie catalog! Finally, you'll know how many movies are in your collection, what is the most popular actor or director. A lot of interesting details All My Movies will bring to your attention.

Still in doubt? Ok, don't click on the Buy button, click on Download! You'll get free movie catalog software, but... Remember Cinderella? The program will work until midnight... Oops. It will work free for the entire month! Then you decide, is it a must have tool for you (yes!) or you have to uninstall it completely (no!) Your choice! Orange or Blue?


Are you still reading till here? You are my hero :) Just in case you are interested, you may check great video editor for Windows. It is also available as free download.

I am really thankful for your attention! Let's make a great movie catalog together!