Want to Win in a Movie Lottery? - Hit the Jackpot with the Awesome Movie Catalog!

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With the development of movie industry and internet, all sorts of movie contests and movie lotteries are rapidly gaining popularity and the prizes are often really valuable! Are you lucky enough to win in a movie lottery or movie contest? Not enough? Would you like then to win more in movie lotteries and movie contests? If the answer is 'yes', try a good movie catalog. Let's take one of the most popular movie catalogs today - All My Movies. It is a really tremendous help for those going to win, not to lose ;) ! You'll see it for yourself!

To win in a movie lottery, you need to watch movies a lot!

You need to know a lot of movie details, read comments and so on. All My Movies significantly facilitates this work. You see apart from the movie title, country, year, genre, actors, directors, each movie card in the powerful movie catalog has some screenshots from the film and comments on it. Screenshots, pictures and covers help you to better memorize scenes and movie details. Moreover, All My Movies is very easy and convenient to use - you can play movies right from the one place. No need to search where this or that movie is. The program also gives an opportunity to print a colorful album and generate a playlist to watch the movies you like. So, all left for you is having fun!

Movie Catalog - Main window screenshot Movie Catalog - Thumbnails view Movie Catalog - virtual shelf view

To become a winner you often need to know actors' biography and filmography facts

You need to know directors and scenarios as well. And therefore you are supposed to keep in mind dates, figures, even images. Taking into account the number of movies in general, it's not easy for a human being, but not for the movie catalog. All My Movies gives a splendid opportunity to pick up the most recent info about actors, directors and other persons. Persons' directory built in the movie catalog contains persons' photos, biographies and filmographies. It has information about actors' and actresses' spouses, their children, etc and it is sure to help you win in a movie contest. Besides, there are quick filters, which help to filter collection by a range of criteria, as well as various ways to sort and group your movie collection. So, in one click you can look through the movies where acted this or that persons with movie details, screenshots, comments on the film or see only the films directed by, say, James Cameron? Isn't that exactly what you need in a movie contest to win?

So, to win in a movie lottery you certainly need to watch many films very attentively, trying to remember the plot, the details, but help can hardly be excessive. And All My Movies is a real help indeed! Good deal of luck to you! Be a winner with the best movie catalog!